Workshops for 2015

Bookings for the workshops this year have started coming in.

Shedglas Design in the making


I’m organising them in a more relaxed fashion this year so, rather than having set dates people can contact me to organise a day that is suitable to everyone, be they individuals, couples or small groups. When a day is organised and is open to others I will put that on the Shedglas Diary so it’s always worth keeping an eye there.

At the moment there are places for the introductory leaded workshop on Friday 20th March and Wednesday 15th April.

New in 2015

I’ve been seeing in 2015 with an enjoyable commission, two long panels depicting Northumberland moor and beach.


It’s going off to be encapsulated into a sealed unit and I can’t wait to see it in place when the client’s building work is completed.

Also busy organising the Shedglas Design introductory workshops. It’s slightly changed this year and I am making booking of dates more relaxed. Look at the Introductory Workshop pages on the site.

Tiffany Window

After picking up some new glass supplies from Tempsford Stained Glass I returned via Kimbolton and saw a beautiful stained glass window by Louis Comfort Tiffany. It is the only parish church window that he produced in this country.


Tiffany detail


It is made using kiln glass and is layered. There is a beautiful diffused light coming through it and the surface is like an impasto painting with strings of glass emphasising the folds in the clothing. Worth a visit if you are in the area

Window installed



Shedglas Design Double panelled Moroccan Window installed


The double Moroccan window was delivered and safely installed. Always a slightly nail-biting moment. The setting is still in the process of being completed, but I hope to get more photos when the decorators are out and the furniture in.




Shedglas Design - Moroccan detail 2


This detail shows the colours used well. Softer than my previous Moroccan panels, but, working with fabric samples, it will be fitting for its setting.