Open Workshop and Breast Cancer Campaign

Last weekend  I took part in a village open gardens event. There are some wonderful gardens in this village, lots that take part in the National Garden Scheme, and although our garden is not quite to that standard I think we held our own! 

I also held an open studio which was a great opportunity to put everything on show, most of my stained glass and some of my paintings and prints.

Saturday was a lovely warm, sunny day with lots of people about. Sunday was grey and increasingly wet, but these garden visitors are thankfully a hardy lot and still showed up in numbers.

My dearest friend, Diana, is bravely battling against breast cancer at the moment and I wanted to do something, a very small part, so I decided to donate 15% of all the sales over that weekend to the Breast Cancer Campaign.

I would like to thank everyone that visited and helped me to make a donation of £ 115.00 to the Breast Cancer Campaign.

Garden Glass

I’m getting ready for the open garden and my open studio next weekend. I’m experimenting with some designs for the garden. A lovely man in the village who makes metal framework for me has done a panel holder in which I’ve inserted a colourful glass piece and  it’s in the garden looking good! Great when an idea comes to fruition. Now I’d better get some more finished.

A customer has just picked up one of my garden screens, a simple idea of suspended glass squares, but very effective, especially in the winter when sometimes colour can be a bit limited in the garden.

I always say – Stained Glass, for House and Garden.


I’ve been working on a galaxy of stars,preparing for two events this weekend.

This Friday, 13th, I’m at the Parish Church in Uppingham for the day, then on Sunday 15th it’s a day with Stamford Artisan’s Guild at Stamford Arts Centre. A good place to go, everything hand crafted by the stall holders.

Gift idea

This year I’ve had several people on the workshops who’ve been given the day as a present. Very generous of people and it seems popular to give an experience of something new and to have something attractive at the end of it. I’ve just had a lovely card from one, mentioning the pleasant and relaxing surroundings. ‘I felt very welcome and as a complete novice, provided with just the right amount of support and independence. As you predicted I am very pleased with the final product of my day’s efforts, which is currently displayed in my kitchen. Lunch was lovely and I enjoyed my day tremendously!’  

Messages like that always give a boost.

Various workshops etc

I’ve been busy on various workshops recently, some advertised and some with private parties. We have been so lucky with the weather at times and have been able to have lunch outside, making for a relaxed atmosphere. Private groups (between 4 and 6 people) are always enjoyable with everyone knowing eachother with plenty of good natured banter. Some of one such group from a dance troupe you can see pictured.  Although these three made the same design they all turned out differently – that personal element.

I finished the victorian commission and everyone is happy! I’ve got to photograph it soon and will post a few pics.

My next project is a hanging outdoor screen for someone. Quite simple, but effective, especially in the winter, bringing that extra element of colour to the garden. I always say, why restrict stained glass to the house? It’s very sturdy and waterproof.

Victorian Hallway Commission

Working on a set of panels for a large victorian hallway. With a strong blue bias in the surround and the detail it’s going to look wonderful when completed. Working with the door open in this lovely sunshine with the birdsong and the fish splashing, how lucky am I?

I had a good full lead workshop this week and am just preparing for a private party tomorrow, so , a busy time.


A private group on a lead workshop this weekend. Each group is different, but when everyone knows eachother there is always a good relaxed atmosphere. And, as always, good results with unique pieces for everyone.
Now I’m preparing a proposal for an evangelical establishment up north. It’s good practise and if you don’t try …