Tree Door Panels finally fitted!

I’ve been working for a while on these designs and panels for a door and side panels for a new beautiful oak porch. What with fitting the making up of them between workshops, since they took up the whole table, and waiting for a crucial type of glass to come into stock in the country (compromises just would not do), we have finally installed them and I think everyone is very happy with them, especially me!  I have to thank Sam of Hortus Ligneous Ltd who made the porch ( for helping with the fitting of them.


Sam and friend fitting Shedglas Tree panels


However much I work on panels and commissions the feeling of anticipation when fitting them never fades. Always that touch of heart in mouth.


All the Shedglas Tree panels fitted


The weather was changing, getting overcast when we took the photos, so I’ll be back later for more, but these give a good idea.


Detail from Shedglas Door Panel



2 thoughts on “Tree Door Panels finally fitted!”

  1. Wow I wish I had a door for you to make look like that. They are stunning! I love them sooo much! You will have to make some small tree panels for your fairs now 🙂

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