Cathi Prince at Shedglas Design

Shedglas Design is me, Cathi Prince, working with glass in a shed, a rather nice shed, in fact a large cowshed that I have converted in my garden in the small village of Haconby in south Lincolnshire.

Having worked in various areas of the art world for 25 years illustrating, designing, painting and printmaking I discovered the enticing world of coloured glass.

Using a mixture of stained glass techniques including traditional leading, copper foiling, fusing and etching, I love to play with the colours and textures found in the varieties of glass.

The scale of work produced at Shedglas Design ranges from the individual design and making up of commissioned doors and windows, large independent hanging compositions and small individual images.

I feel that coloured glass helps bring light and a certain amount of joy into homes. There is something magical about seeing sunlight playing through stained glass and bringing it alive.

Believing that the joy of working in glass is in the constant discovery of new techniques and ways to portray ideas, so it is important to keep playing and enjoying what I do.