Personal projects

I’ve had a lovely lady make a personal stained glass panel for her ecclisiastical home. She did so well; there was a lot to do for a first project, but she was very determined! It’s enjoyable sharing the workshop sometimes and to see someone take on what they’ve been taught and achieve something really attractive.

Stamford Artisans Guild

Busy preparing for the Stamford Artisans Guild Craft fair this Sunday at the Arts Centre in Stamford. It’s usually a good venue. The weather should be better than a couple of weeks ago when we were all at the Castle in Oakham and it poured with rain. Making up some new copper foiled mirrors and working some simple geometric suncatchers incorporating bevelled glass.


I’ve just got back from a couple of days in London where I went to see the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Acadamy. Beautiful. Uplifting. Hopeful. A real introduction to the coming of Spring and Summer. The colours are beautiful, vibrant, but recognisable. And of course I’m working on my tree window designs so lovely to see all those trees. Everyone take the chance to see it before it finishes at Easter.

I’m getting ready for a stained glass workshop in Grantham tomorrow and sorting the studio out after a large shop at Tempsford Stained Glass, stocking up on lead and glass for various commissions and workshops.

Green oak porch commission

I’m working on designs for a rather beautiful new green oak porch.

Seeing the clients yesterday all seems to be going well.

We’re working with a mix of autumnal colours with an introduction of spring colours too. Seeing the glass samples next to the green oak, it should result in a harmonious set of panels.

Now, the next stage is to work it up to size, which is where new elements might appear.


Lovely Shalini

I’ve just spent time with lovely Shalini who is updating the Shedglas website. She is very patient since after a while as she shifts between screens a mist comes before my eyes…but time goes very quickly and now there are new pictures and details. The new workshop dates will be added very soon.

New workshop dates

While it’s cold outside I am working on the Shedglas mailing list, adding all the new information that has gathered up. There have been a lot of contacts and interest in the introductory workshops so this could be an interesting year. At the same time I am working out the new dates for the introductory workshops for this season, aiming to send them out and publish them on the website in the next few days.

Personal projects

I’ve just helped a bloke finish all the elements for restoring the glass in his victorian summerhouse. It was an interesting project and I look forward to seeing the fully restored result. It is enjoyable having someone else working in the studio – I’m there to help when needs be while I carry on with my own  projects.
Yesterday I measured up for a couple of window ideas in Rutland, one to be a slightly funky car image for a car enthusiast. Looking forward to it.

Warm workshop in the snow

Snow on the ground giving a beautiful clean white light. Lots of little bits and bobs jobs: the two corgi suncatchers finished, the damaged window mended and delivered, some restocking in my workshop. And a good clear up, checking the glass stocks and replenishing. What fun!
I’m starting design work for a door with side panels which I should enjoy, love the designing. I’m also helping someone with a project here where they are restoring an old victorian summerhouse with stained glass windows. So, a busy time and I have to get new workshop dates organised soon…

Just had a few beautiful days in North Norfolk, walking the beaches and watching the birds and seals. Visited Kings Lynn on the way and saw what looked to be an interesting stained glass window in the church there, but when I went in there was a disappointment, for me, since the majority of the glass used was so opaque that very little light came through.
South of Cromer though was a church with a beautiful simple slip window with glass and Cromer is full of Edwardian buildings with masses of stained glass to look at. A lovely break, now back to work. Designing 2 small panels with corgis.

New Year

A new year and a new resolution, to write a bit more here and keep things up to date.

I’ve started the year with an unfortunate job – the lovely Victorian hallway that I completed last year was broken into on New Year’s Eve. Some thug smashed something like a crowbar through one corner of the main panel when they couldn’t jemmy the door open. Luckily it is mendable and not too hard a job, but what a horrible start to the year for my clients.

I’ve just had a weekend of leaded stained glass workshops at Stamford Arts Centre, Saturday and Sunday. Two different groups and everyone completed their panels. It’s hard work, for them and me! but I think we all feel it’s worth it.