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I’ve been busy on various workshops recently, some advertised and some with private parties. We have been so lucky with the weather at times and have been able to have lunch outside, making for a relaxed atmosphere. Private groups (between 4 and 6 people) are always enjoyable with everyone knowing eachother with plenty of good natured banter. Some of one such group from a dance troupe you can see pictured.  Although these three made the same design they all turned out differently – that personal element.

I finished the victorian commission and everyone is happy! I’ve got to photograph it soon and will post a few pics.

My next project is a hanging outdoor screen for someone. Quite simple, but effective, especially in the winter, bringing that extra element of colour to the garden. I always say, why restrict stained glass to the house? It’s very sturdy and waterproof.

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  1. Hi Cathi,

    Just wanted to say thank you once again for a fantastic day yesterday. I really enjoyed the copper foil workshop experience. Dave & I spent a lot of time talking about using some of the things I learnt yesterday on the rocks to make something new. Watch this space…


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